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Prior Authorization Line At A Glance:
Apricot's Prior Authorization Line (PAL) has assisted providers and patients in obtaining medications requiring prior authorization from the various Managed Care Organizations (MCO) or Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM). Since 1999, the PAL service acts as a "back office" staff completing the prior authorization process for providers, and, most importantly, the patients. To date, Apricot has processed over 180,000 medication prior authorization requests.
In addition to streamlining the prior authorization process, PAL provides education on the complex standards required by the different MCO's and PBM's.
For more information please call (877) 230-3600 or email us at: admin@docoffices.com
Bringing quality care to prescription management:
PAL simplifies medication prior authorization by analyzing Rx requests and confirming MCO/PBM criteria. PAL utilizes state-of-the art telecommunications and a network application to provide efficient management of the Rx authorization process (any staff member may simply fax via our ONE toll-free number or submit medication requests via the Internet). PAL ensures the request is complete and accurate and meets the respective plan’s criteria using comprehensive computer models. Completed requests are submitted to the plan within one (1) business day. Once a decision is rendered, PAL will notify the office within 2 business hours. If you are already a member of PAL and would like to submit a request, please login. If you are a provider and would like to register with the Prior Authorization Line, please click here.
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